Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center

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GCMRC Staff Directory

Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center Staff List
Name Position Title Phone E-mail
Andrews, Timothy Physical Scientist 928-556-7345
Bair, Lucas Economist 928-556-7362
Bennett, Glenn IT Specialist 928-556-7378
Caster, Joshua Geographer 928-556-7129
Daubert, Megan Biologist 928-556-7135
Dean, Dave Hydrologist 928-556-7297
Deemer, Bridget Research Ecologist 928-556-7316
Dibble, Kimberly Research Biologist 928-556-7327
Dodrill, Michael Fish Biologist 928-556-7197
Durning, Laura Research Specialist (Contractor) 928-556-7450
Dzul, Maria Fishery Biologist 928-556-7197
Evans, Moriah Student Technician 928-556-7256
Fairley, Helen C. Social Scientist 928-556-7285
Felder, Seth L River Operations Mechanic 928-556-7193
Foster, Graham (Dave) D River Operations Mechanic 928-556-7193
Fritzinger, Carol "Fritz" Logistics Operations Specialist 928-556-7207
Fry, Kyrie Communications Coordinator 928-556-7380
Grams, Paul E Supervisory Hydrologist 928-556-7458
Griffiths, Ron Hydrologist 928-556-7069
Gushue, Thomas M IT Specialist 928-556-7370
Hartwell, Meredith Information Services, Archives and Manuscripts Curator 928-556-7373
Hensleigh, James Geographer 928-556-7227
Kasprak, Alan Research Geologist 928-556-7364
Kennedy, Theodore "Ted" Aquatic Biologist 928-556-7374
Kortenhoeven, Eric Ecologist 928-556-7256
Kohl, Keith A Surveying Technician 928-556-7371
Metcalfe, Anya Biologist 928-556-7256
Moran, Mike Deputy Chief 928-556-7170
Muehlbauer, Jeffrey Research Biologist 928-556-7328
Mueller, Erich Research Hydrologist 928-556-7327
Nelson, Clay Fish Biologist 928-556-7271
Palmquist, Emily Riparian Ecologist 928-556-7397
Phillips, Connor Ecologist 928-556-7256
Ross, Robert P Hydrologic Technician 928-556-7335
Sabol, Tom Hydrologist 928-556-7367
Sankey, Joel Research Geologist 928-556-7289
Sheehan, Ken Fish Biologist 928-556-7280
Topping, David J. Research Hydrologist 928-556-7445
Tusso, Bob Hydrologist 928-556-7117
Vanderkooi, Scott P Chief 928-556-7376
Voichick, Nicholas Hydrologist 928-556-7375
Ward, David Fishery Biologist 928-556-7280
Yackulic, Charles Research Statistician 928-556-7379
Yard, Michael D. Fishery Biologist 928-556-7377

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Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center | 2255 North Gemini Drive Flagstaff, AZ 86001 | Phone: 928.556.7380 Fax: 928.556.7100

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